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Meet Your Team


William W. Upshaw

Owner and Head Coach

William W. Upshaw is married to his lovely wife and business partner, Jayme and together they have 4 sons. He is a believer in Christ and it is He that he gives all the gratitude for the life he is able to pursue. William Upshaw is a USA Basketball licensed coach, AAU member, and former basketball player. William has been pursuing his passion for coaching and mentoring youth boys for the past 7 years. His passion and love for God and his family are what drives him to remain steadfast in his pursuit to nurture and pour into our youth so that they can be successful in all areas of their life. 


William Upshaw is a native of Dallas, Texas.  William and played at the collegiate level at North Richland Community College. In 2014 he started coaching, which led him to realize his gift of motivating and helping youth build their basketball skill and confidence. William has worked with youth ranging in ages from 8-18 at the recreational, individual training, and competitive level since then.  He has worked as a  trainer for the Bo Bell Academy as well. Needless to say, Coach Upshaw has a passion for the game, but also thrives on teaching and inspiring our youth.


At the core of his journey is his deep faith in God. He believes, when approached with the heart of truth, compassion, and the understanding that we all need help, guidance and something to believe in that is bigger than ourselves, the game of basketball parallels life in many ways. That is life, just as in basketball, young men need to be taught to want to work and build together. Just like life, the game of basketball gives back what is put in. Coach Upshaw aspires and works diligently to motivate, inspire, and teach the tools to empower young men to succeed both on and off the court.  


Anthony Poe

Assistant Coach and Leadership/Mentorship Coordinator

Anthony L. Poe, II has dedicated his time and energy to guiding young men for over 15 years. He believes that young men need positive role models as they learn to navigate life. Anthony's investment includes starting a recording company for young men to create and sell music. This sparked their creativity and ignited their entrepreneurial spirit. The music created went on to be nominated for a BET Stella Award. His passion, to positively influence young men during their critical developmental year, has led him to become an active small group leader within his church home. This role has granted him the ability to be instrumental in teaching middle school boys how to find and follow Jesus Christ. 

Anthony sharpened his skills as a mentor and life instructor while working as a training instructor for AT&T. That is where he perfected the tools necessary for evaluating talent, determining their needs and pointing individuals in the direction of success. 


Jayme A. Upshaw

Owner and Director of Operations

Jayme Upshaw is the happily married wife to William W. Upshaw is an incredibly proud mother to 4 young men and a labor and delivery nurse. Her passion and love for people and calling to serve can be seen through her dedication to God, her family, and her community. Jayme is a former personal trainer and enjoyed OCR and volleyball during her leisure time. As a coach and team manager for her sons' youth basketball teams for over 8 years, she has found purpose in her calling to help our youth grow. Her love and passion for helping others have led to her joining forces with the love of her life to positively impact and influence young athletes beyond the gymnasium. Jayme has always been an advocate for enriching and supporting the lives of those around her. To that note, she started her own nonprofit organization to help provide health and wellness resources to individuals with limited access to resources. Jayme’s goal and vision for FEA is one that will cultivate a culture of care, leadership, and growth in a multitude of ways for our young adults including community service efforts, leadership building, college and adulthood preparedness, and physical and mental growth. Jayme’s prayer is that every athlete leaves FEA a stronger player, a better leader, and a human that is dedicated to making the world a better place.


Larry DelCampo

Assistant Coach and Community Care Coordinator

Happily Married Man for 18 years with 3 wonderful children, Madison (16), Aidan (14), and Scarlett (11). My wife Stephanie and I are originally from Tucson AZ, but have lived in Denver, Phoenix and lastly Atlanta since 2003.  I have been involved in coaching youth sports since 2008. It all started with Upward soccer at Due West United Methodist church for pre-K through 3rd grade for all of my children. I continued coaching Upward with my son Aidan in Flag football and basketball. I was an assistant coach for 3rd grade Harrison football and have been involved as an assistant in the HYBA basketball league since 2015. I have also been the Captain of my company's Swim Across America team since 2015 which is an annual charity event which raises money in the fight against Childhood Cancer. My family and I all raise money, volunteer and participate in the open water swims.


Coaching kids and now young Men is a privilege and a passion for me. To watch them grow and excel in a sport they Love is an awesome experience. Being part of their development, not just as athletes but as individuals is a huge responsibility and something I take very seriously. The challenge of coaching AAU Basketball in 2021 is extremely exciting.  I look forward to the opportunity to help mold these kids into Men, and provide the guidance and support needed to be strong high character individuals.

Team: News & Updates

Meet Our Team

 We are a family business dedicated to increasing our community by way of basketball. We strive to be more than a youth basketball program. We incorporate leadership, social responsibility, and humanitarian efforts into our program in an effort to prepare our young athletes for adulthood. We know that none of this can be done alone. In this, our inaugural season, we are committed to building and supporting better athletes and humans and we are so grateful to have the love and support of our parents as well as our amazing coaching and outreach community. We know and understand that it takes a village, and we are excited to grow ~ TOGETHER.  

Support, Nurture and Motivate

"There are moments that force us to confront the difference between mediocrity and growth. It is only when we "Dig Deep" that we bury failure. "

~ Coach W. Upshaw

Team: About
Team: Welcome

 2022- 13U Boys' Roster

Head Coach: William Upshaw

Assistant Coach: Brad Robbins

WILL AND Brad Robbins_edited.jpg
Team: News & Updates

Caleb Robbins

Position: Guard

Jersey: 1

Ayden Nguessan

Position: Guard/ Forward

Jersey: 2

Tabar Anderson

Position: Forward

Jersey: 7


Aston Chappell

Position: Guard/ Forward

Jersey: 8

Jordan Thomas

Position: Forward

Jersey: 32

 2022- 14U Boys' Roster

Head Coach: Anthony Poe

Assistant Coach: Eddie L.

Assistant Coach: William Upshaw

Anthony Poe_Eddie L_William Upshaw_edited.jpg
Jayden Deloach_1Guard forward.JPEG
Andrew Barbito_9Guard.jpg
Gideon Chapmen_11.jpg
Clay Poe_12Guard.jpg
Daniel Foote_14.jpg
Ramarsje Porter_15ForwarD.jpg
Liam Farrell_22Guardforward.jpg
Bryce Lyons_23.jpg

Jayden Deloach

Position: Guard/ Forward

Jersey: 1

Andrew Barbito

Position: Guard

Jersey: 9

Gideon Chapman

Position: Forward

Jersey: 11

Clay Poe

Position: Guard

Jersey: 12

Daniel Foote

Position: Guard

Jersey: 14

Ramarsje Porter

Position: Forward

Jersey: 15

Liam Farrell

Position: Guard/ Forward

Jersey: 22

Bryce Lyons

Position: Guard/ Forward 

Jersey: 23

 2022- 15U Boys' Roster

Head Coach: William Upshaw

Assistant Coach: James Johnson

Kaiyu Huffman_0.jpg
KHADIR M_5.jpg
JUSTIN N_7.jpg
JAYLEN H_12.jpg

Kaiyu Huffman

Position: Guard

Jersey: 0

Khadir Muhammad 

Position: Forward

Jersey: 5

Justin Nguessan 

Position: Forward

Jersey: 7

Jaylen Harriford

Position: Guard/ Forward

Jersey: 12

ISAIAH J_21.jpg
EVAN C _33.jpg
TARIQ A_34.jpg

Nicholas Lawrence 

Position: Guard

Jersey: 20

Isaiah Johnson

Position: Forward

Jersey: 21

Evan Chappell

Position: Guard/ Forward

Jersey: 33

Tariq Aboud

Position: Center

Jersey: 34

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